Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Mediator

Suze Simons is a 'mediator' who helps troubled ghosts who are still stuck in our world to go to the world where the dead belongs. When she moves to California, shes is hoping to have a fresh start, and no more mediator stuff.But, moving into her step-dad's place offers her weirder experiences , with a hot and handsome ghost Jesse who is 'sharing' her bedroom, becoming the most popular girl in her new school after threatening to break all of s0meones fingers and also saving the hottest boy at School, Bryce.

Well, Suze's life's not that simple and happy, especially when there's Heather, the ghost who would stop at nothing to kill Bryce, her ex-boyfriend.What does Suze do to save Bryce and the school, where she's had quite a good beginning?...is the story.

I know its kind of late to be reading the Mediator series...not late, but I'm sure that all of you guys have read this book by now. Thats why. But I actually really enjoyed it. I didnt think I would, I thought it was going to be too voodoo for me...but surprisingly it was really good. It was quite easy to relate to Suze, the main character, and it was really fun watching her relationships unfold with the people around her.

I really recommend this book for anyone, :]



Anonymous said...

I loved this series! The ending is amazing!!!! Great review.

Kayla (Midnight Twilight)

Alessandra said...

I read the whole series, and likes it too. I agree with you, it's easy to relate to Suze,a nd she really rocks!