Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Market by J.M. Steele

Title: The Market

Author: J.M. Steele

Themes: Friends, Love, Hatred, Rich, Betrayal

Rating: 6.5/10

"I scrolled down...and down...and down...I wondered weather I was even on the list...and there I was....number 71."

Kate was not popular, but she was also not...that loser-ish...she thought she was pretty average...and that's just what she was. Average. She had her friends Dev, and Callie...she had average looks, and she had wonderful brains. But at MHS, average was not enough...on the Internet.

When Kate gets a IM from someone she does not know, telling her to visit MHS soon finds out that there is a ranking of all the senior girls at her high school. They are stocks and are all being rated.

That's when Kate finds out that she is only 71 our of 140 girls. Dev suggests that they try to crack the Market, by making Kate number one with her make-over, new clothes, and a ticket to the popular crowed. But everyone knows that once you get is never the same, when you try to go back.

The Market by J.M. Steele was quite a typical book. It was the traditional...loser gets popular, dumps her friends, but finds out that the popular life is not how she pictured it and tries to go back, but they wont let her, then she does something heroic and is accepted me...VERY typical.

The plot had me fooled. I thought that book was going to be amazing, but it started out slow, and then towards the middle, I started to get into it...and if you dont mind the typical book now and then, then I really suggest that you pick this up...Its just...I really get bored easily, and this is a theme that I have seen one time too many...thats why I rate it so low...but in all it was a good book =]

Rachel<3 a.k.a...Muffins =] (Yum)