Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Book Swing (as in Mood Swing) and Unbelievable

I know I havent posted anything here for a while. I was trying to get around to reviewing Unbelievable...but....yeah I dont have an excuse...

Anyway, I just havent been in the mood of reading lately...I've been reading rumors for about a week (?) maybe a bit less...but I'm only on about page 60-ish. I just dont really feel like reading these days...I've been reading a lot lately so maybe I just wanted a reading-break...

Pfff...but yeah. Anyway: Finally I will be reviewing Unbelievable: Its probably going to be crap (exquiise my french) so..........=D

Title: Unbelievable (Pretty Little Liars Series #4)
Author: Sara Shepard

Rating: 9/10

Behind Rosewood's grand facades, where the air smells like apples and Chanel No. 5 and infinity pools sparkle in landscaped backyards, nothing is as it seems. It was here, back in seventh grade, that five best friends shared everything - Seven jeans, MAC makeup, and their deepest, darkest secrets. For Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily, it was a dream come true...until Alison, the most beautiful of them all, suddenly vanished.

Now someone named A has turned their charmed lives into a living nightmare. Emily has been shipped off to her hyper-conservative cousins in Iowa. Aria is stuck living with her dad and his home-wrecker girlfriend. And spencer fears she had something to do with Alison's murder. But Hanna's fate is far worse than all of that - she's clinging to life in the hospital because she 'knew too much'.

With A's threats turning dangerous and Ali's killer still on the loose, the girls must uncover the truth - about A, about Ali, and about what happened to Hanna- before they become A's next victims. But as they unravel Rosewood's mysteries and secrets, will it bring an end to the horror...or is this just the beginning? [Review from the back of the book]

This book was good just like the other 3 books. Although I've heard that there are going to be 4 more books...and I think its REALLy stupid to drag this story out that much...and then if they change the story to like 4 different girls and then make it the same plot I think that'll be pathetic too...

Basically I just dont think that they should drag it out any more. This book should be the last...but besides that the book was really good. You find out who A and who Ali's killer is. So that was good..and yeah...just make sure you pick it up...and if you havent read this series at all, then you should pick up the first book: Pretty Little Liars. =)