Monday, June 23, 2008

Book Of Shadows (Sweep, Book One)

Title: Book of Shadows

Author: Cate Tireman

Rating: 8.5/10
This book is...what shall we call it...well, its an...interesting book. I'm talking about everything; this book is so thin, yet it holds a story that seems to be going on for 1000 pages, instead of 172. Some of you may not know what I mean by this. What I'm trying to say is that it contained so a good a way where I wanted to keep on reading. And luckly I can do just that because it is a series. So far with a total of 6 books in it...however, I have only read this book...the first one. Anyway, here is my review:
Morgan may seem like the ordinary geek you see in every school. A member of the math club, good grade, has that cute-but-no-one-realizes-it best guy friend, Robbie, and that So-Beautiful-you-dont-want-to-stand-next-to-her best friend, Bree. To her, her life is great, she wouldnt want anything more :)

But then comes Cal. A mysterious guy who seems to be into Morgan, despite the looks, the chest department, and the body. Then Cal starts inviting people to 'circles' event that witches do, people who are in the religion of Wicca.
Cal is hot, like a god himself, and totally out of Morgans lead, but somehow, Morgan can sense something from him, an interest. After a while Bree gets jealous and their friendship ends.

After the first invite to Morgans first 'circle' she can sense something changing in her...and soon finds out that she might not just be a witch in practice...but could she be a witch by blood?
I really enjoyed this book. I used to think that Wicca was all bad, but it shows a different side to the religion. (sorry my sentence transitions are going to be terrible here, but bare with be). The book has good balance of friendship, love, mystery, suspense (every chapter leaves you craving for more)...and to top it off, the end was a total cliff hanger, which is great in a series because it makes you buy the next one...which I have every intention on doing.

Anyway, basically I think that you should just go and pick up the first book in this series...its a thin book, but dont let that turn you off, because like I said, it feels like more, anyway, its a fun, fast, but very enjoying book, so dont just shrug it off, go buy wont be sorry ;)



Anonymous said...

I came across this randomly, while googling the Sweep book. I would definitely recommend this book to people. Even if you're Christian or of a different religion, if you keep an open mind considering its all based on witchcraft, it is a really fun read. And man, it never ends!

For 14 books, it keeps going and going and going! But I can't put them down. :) Unlike most books that sort of revolve around one plot and has a beginning and an end, this one sort of is like a mini TV series that so many things happen. *Definitely* recommend it. Even if the first book may be a little hard to get through, push yourself because the series is soo worth it. :)

Nokomis said...

Thanks for writing this.