Friday, April 18, 2008

Interview with Linda Gerber =]

Exclusive interview with Linda Gerber =] I'm going to have to consider myself lucky to get this chance *smiles*

What made you want to become a writer? What was the start of it all?

I've always loved to write and to tell stories. It wasn\'t until I met a group of fantastic and supportive writers online, though, that I truly believed I could write a whole book. One dear friend, Canadian author Marsha Skrypuch, told me about the opportunity to submit a proposal for Puffin's Students Across the Seven Seas series... and my proposal sold! (NOW AND ZEN) That's how I met my fantabulous editor, Angelle Pilkington, and got to start working with the unbelievably cool people at Puffin.

In what kind of environment do you usually write? Music in the background?

I can write anywhere. Have laptop, will travel. In fact, when we lived in Japan, I traveled a lot so I had to learn to tune out everything else so I could write or I would never get anything done. Now I am lucky to have a home office and I usually write in there, with my dog Kali napping (or yapping) beside me. I do like to listen to music, but usually only instrumental. If there are words, I can\'t help but sing along!

How did you get the idea to write Death by Bikini?

It actually evolved from a writing exercise from one of my online writing groups. See? Exercise is important. : )

Is anything in DEATH BY BIKINI based on real life situations?

I got clobbered by a wave when I was in Maui a couple of years ago, which you\'ll see in a scene in the book. The setting is also drawn from my visits to Hawaii and Guam.

What is your typical day like?

After I send the kids off to school, I divide my day between mom chores, walking Kali, playing with Kali, feeding Kali, volunteering... and writing.

What was the last book you read? Did you enjoy it?

VIOLET BY DESIGN by Melissa Walker, who is a teenfictioncafe sister. Yes, I enjoyed it! Right now I'm reading another favorite author, Lee Child's BAD LUCK AND TROUBLE.

What do you like about being a novelist? Why?
I appreciate being able to do what I like best - to write and tell stories - and to get paid for it! Better yet is when someone reads the stories I tell - and enjoys the ride. That's what books are all about and I am thrilled to be a part of that world.

What's next?

Aphra's adventures continue in DEATH BY LATTE, which will be released in September and again in DEATH BY DENIM, which comes your way next February.
And... a scoop for cheeseandbooks readers... I just sold another book to my editor at Puffin to follow the Death By books! Thanks for letting me stop by!

Thank you so much Linda for your time =]

To everyone that is reading this, if you dont read Death By Bikini I'm sorry to say your missing out! Add this book to your reading list: It hits the shelves in May =]


Melissa Walker said...

I have Death by Bikini in my pile and can't wait to get to it! The cover calls to me!

Teph said...
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Reviewer X said...

Ooo I'm getting an ARC of DbD! Dying to read it :D


Great interview! I'm so excited to read this one...and all the other LG books too. Quite the little overachiever, that one. :) XO

Ms. Yingling said...

Linda is very nice and cooperative, probably because she seems to love writing so much, and so gracious about giving interviews. I can't wait to read all three in the series!