Saturday, March 29, 2008

To Authors: How to Promote Your Book =]

At 'Muffins.and.Books' I would be thrilled to help you promote your book on my site. I would prefer if these books were either Young Adult, or Teen Books...but if you have other books you would like to promote I will do just that =] At Muffins.and.Books readers vary from teens to adults, all over U.S, Canada, and even Japan (Thats me, I live in Japan ;)) There are many ways to promote your book at my site =]

You can send me a copy to read then review (however, if it is not avaliable to buy then you would have to be willing to send your book overseas...but if its avaliable to buy, then I can just buy it myself). Besides reviews, we can also have author interviews (over e-mail). If you are holding a contest please tell me, and I will spread the word (at sites such as: Book Divas, and on my site, and I will ask other people to spread the word aswell).

If you want to have a link to your website, then I will gladly do that. Or you can promote your book on my popular feature called 'Best Book of The Month'. Along with this, contests can be made for people to win your promoted book =]

If you have any questions or concerns (anything at all), or you would like to start promoting your book, please e-mail me at: and I will get back to right away :)).

To Promote Your Book Please E-mail Me At: :))


Teen Reader said...

I would love for you and anyone who sees this to check out my blog! I want to help teens to read books! Thanks,me

Abby O. said...

I'll check it out.