Friday, March 28, 2008

The Luxe By Anna Godbersen

The Luxe by Anna Godbersen Is a page-turner from beginning to end. Complete with romance and scandal, The Luxe is a murder-mystery rocking high society.Soon after returning from Paris, Elizabeth recieves a proposal from the city’s most eligible bachelor, Henry Schoonmaker. Unfortunately, their engagement is not based on love but on convience. Instead of enjoying every moment, and looking forward to 'The Big Day', Elizabeth does not like Henry, she is strong feelings for another man. A man, who she is not supposed to love. Henry is also having an afair with another women...but no just any women...Elizabeth's Sister, Diana. What happens when two people are forced to marry, when they both have feelings for different people?

Along come Penelope Hayes, Elizabeths...''Best Friend''. Penelope and Henry enjoyed a private life together *wink wink*, and is shocked when she finds out that Henry and Elizabeth are engaged...

Lina, Elizabeth's maid, has feelings so strong for Will...the same man Elizabeth is in love with. When Will runs away from the Hollands house, Lina blames Elizabeth, and a relationship of hatered forms between them.

Everyone has a secret and The Luxe is crammed with lust, love, envy, greed, and hate.
What happens when the two people who hate Elizabeth the most come together? What will happen to elegant, beautiful, envied Elizabeth Holland?

The Luxe is told from alternating perspectives of these five teenagers. This book is a juicy read. If you want to be entertained, The Luxe is an ideal choice. Anna Godbersen is currently writing a sequel 'Rumors' which I am certainly looking forward to reading.

I rate this book with 5 juicy Muffins:

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Alyson Noel said...

Hey Rachel-
Great site you have here! THE LUXE is definitely on my list--and that cover is GORGEOUS!
Thanks for promoting YA and reading!