Monday, March 24, 2008

New & My First Contest

Helloo, all my fellow book worms. I have decided to make a contest.

My frist one.
^ Keep that in mind. so I'm sorry if it sucks =[ ^
Prizes: You will recieve one book. Teach Me by R.A.Nelson
You will also recieve a Japanese snack since I'm from Japan =]
How to Enter:
1. Just simply e-mail me at
and then I will select 3 lucky winners completely RANDOMLY!
2. When you e-mail me please type *contest* in the subject. You dont have to type anything in the actual e-mail part, but you can if you
1. This contest is open to people World-Wide!! Yay!!
2. If you win, you must be allowed to give out your address to me so I can send it to you.
3. If you win, because of shipping, and because its shipping over seas, until it arrives at your house it could take from 1 week - 4 you must be willing to wait.
Thats all there is to it.
The compition will end on April 1st.
The winner will be notified by e-mail and also I will post your names on my blog so keep checking on my blog.
The winners will be posted on April 1st.
I will be holding another compition soon after so please come back and check again.
Thank you!


Melissa Walker said...

Just found you and blogged your contest. Happy first giveaway!

Travis said...

I hope I win!

softindierocker said...

Thanks for the opportunity! you rock! :)

Kareeee said...

Yaay. I sent away an email.
Hope you got it.
Congrats on your first contest!


Abby O. said...

Thanks,love your blog and hope I win.:)

Anonymous said...

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